About us

The company, born in 1993 from an agreement between two companies, today boasts an important leadership on the national market and aims – in the coming years – to become the main reference in the packaging sector.
Our vision: to protect any kind of product.


Imballaggi Zamad - Packaging Technlogies / SEMI-AUTOMATIC STRAPPING MACHINE 9-15MM


Semi-automatic strapping machine ideal for closing boxes, parcels, bundles.


  • Semi-automatic mechanical strapping machine with an open structure.
  • High standard engineering of component parts
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Stainless steel work surface
  • Mechanically adjustable holding tension from the outside
  • Four sturdy wheels (two of which have a parking brake). • A single motor for all cycle movements.
  • Control board
  • Extreme reliability
  • Proven quality, evident in the high number of machines we have produced


This product offers three key features: work surface height adjustment ranging from 760 to 930 mm, a safety switch for opening the upper surface, and welding cooling time adjustment from 0 to 2 seconds.


The structure is made of stainless steel SUS 304