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The company, born in 1993 from an agreement between two companies, today boasts an important leadership on the national market and aims – in the coming years – to become the main reference in the packaging sector.
Our vision: to protect any kind of product.
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Strapping tools and Wrappers

Imballaggi Zamad strapping machines can be bought and are offered in both automatic and semi-automatic versions. These machines are an ideal solution for packaging bricks and products in paper, cardboard, and wooden boxes of various sizes and dimensions.

Battery-powered strapping tools are a practical, lightweight, and fast option to use.

The strapping tools featured in Imballaggi Zanad catalogue boast exceptional functionality and practicality throughout their usage. These items can be bought at Imballaggi Zamad’s warehouse and are capable of fulfilling various requirements, consistently delivering top-notch quality and exceptional performance.


These are a few examples of the types of machinery that you may find:

  • Semi-automatic strapping machine
  • Battery-powered strapping tool
  • Manual and automatic strapping tool
  • Pneumatic strapping tool
  • Manual strapping tensioner
  • Pneumatic and semi-pneumatic strapping tensioner

Properly packaging pallets is crucial for ensuring the safety of products and making transportation and storage more efficient. That is why Imballaggi Zamad offers a wide range of strapping and tensioning tools with different models and specific features.

Thanks to its extensive catalogue, Imballaggi Zamad provides customers with a range of products to meet their packaging needs for small, large, and various types of materials.

No matter the choice or need, the technicians at Imballaggi Zamad are available to assist customers with any additional information, details, or advice regarding the purchase of a specific product or another.


For all your inquiries, contact the technicians or customer service of Imballaggi Zamad. They have all the information you need.