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The company, born in 1993 from an agreement between two companies, today boasts an important leadership on the national market and aims – in the coming years – to become the main reference in the packaging sector.
Our vision: to protect any kind of product.
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Eco-sustainable packaging products

Eco-sustainable packaging is an updated and innovative product created to avoid waste, improve packaging standards, and show clear and concrete attention and care for the environment. This type of packaging is now a business priority also for brands. The common cause of environmental sustainability involves not only nations and citizens but also companies. The common cause of environmental sustainability involves not only nations and citizens but also companies. Customers are increasingly attentive to the production chain and not only to sales and push B2B and B2C companies to take an extra step not only in product development but also in the packaging with which the product is packaged and transported.

The problem of environmental pollution, the disposal and reuse of waste produced are at the centre of economic, environmental, and cultural policies around the world. In small and medium-sized Italian companies, as well as in large international brands, the need for change is now clear.

Companies like Imballaggi Zamad are also participating in this change by promoting the use of products that can bring numerous benefits to the environment, companies, and people.

Here are some of them:


  1. Recycling and reuse of waste
  2. Easy disposal
  3. Cost and resource savings for companies
  4. Reduced environmental impact
  5. Improvement of packaging quality standards


The products in this section help to build and preserve a healthy environment for us and future generations. They promote material reuse and recycling and consequently raw material saving thus lowering production costs.


Thanks to these products you can protect the environment as well as your goods while giving the utmost attention to the sustainability of your business and of the whole world by implementing solutions that can converge the objectives of your business with those of all of us.


If you are interested in learning more about Imballaggi Zamad eco-sustainable packaging products, please feel free to contact our company technicians and experts for information and advice.