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The company, born in 1993 from an agreement between two companies, today boasts an important leadership on the national market and aims – in the coming years – to become the main reference in the packaging sector.
Our vision: to protect any kind of product.
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Hood packers

Imballaggi Zamad hood packaging machines with heat-shrinkage are offered in a range of welding sizes and are available in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. They also allow the safe and secure packaging of a wide range of products and commodities. Packaging products is a highly intricate process that demands utmost attention and precision. Whether you need to pack fruit and vegetables, or a magazine, a packaging machine is essential in maintaining the quality of the product..


Imballaggi Zamad hood packaging machines are perfect for packaging objects, medicines and cosmetics, as well as food. All three models – MOD. ZA-346MOD. ZA-455MOD. ZA-680combine film sealing and shrinking into one step. All of them can be found in either manual or semi-automatic form. The variation among the individual models is based on the size of the welding, which ranges from 320×460 mm to 420×550 mm.


In addition to the benefits provided by the resistance and aesthetics of the packaging, practicality and greater ease of operation during the storage of goods are added thanks to the smaller size.


Fast and easy to use, the packaging machines are designed and built to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Small-sized machines that are particularly suitable for use in small spaces are available at a very advantageous cost.


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