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The company, born in 1993 from an agreement between two companies, today boasts an important leadership on the national market and aims – in the coming years – to become the main reference in the packaging sector.
Our vision: to protect any kind of product.
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Adhesive packaging tapes

Imballaggi Zamad adhesive tapes for packaging are available in different models and can be used to package packages containing various types of products. Moreover, Imballaggi Zamad adhesive tapes have excellent performance and adapt well to use even on packages with different weights.

Zamad catalogue offers a variety of packaging tapes, including acrylic, PVC, PPL, and masking paper. All four types of packaging tape have distinct features that cater to specific requirements Zamad packaging tapes, for instance, possess the following traits:

  1. resistance to humidity;
  2. resistance to temperature changes;
  3. plasticity;
  4. adhesion to any type of surface;

When dealing with packaging that has an average weight, such as during a move, renovation, or office relocation, it is recommended to opt for PVC adhesive tape. In these situations, it is important to maintain and preserve the integrity of the package and its contents as much as possible. Using this type of adhesive tape ensures the safety of the seal and the durability of the applied tape.

Please visit Imballaggi Zamad website to explore all the various types of adhesive tapes and their respective specifications.